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Frequently Asked Questions

Bridal: Before Booking

Why should I hire you as my Makeup Artist?

There are so many different ways I could answer this question. But the simple answer would be because you LOVE my work. There are so many fabulous and talented artists in the bridal industry. Choose the one who's work you love, can fit your style, mesh with your personality, check out their reviews, and is reputable. 

Do you have a minimum to book?

Yes. The minimum to book for your wedding is 5 participants (not including flower girls) or $500 (not including travel fees and accommodations').

When and how can I book your makeup services for my wedding?

As long as I am available, you can book! Step 1: Check my pricing. Make sure it aligns with your budget. Step 2: Check my availability on my calendar. Step 3: Submit an Inquiry. From there you will receive my bridal guide with additional information that you may have not found on my site. If you would like to book you can either send me an email letting me know and I will forward you the information for my booking process. Step 4: Click the booking button to place your date on my calendar for approval. Step 5: Submit your retainer. Step 6: Submit your contract. Once all of those steps are completed, I will approve your date you are all set, your date is finalized, and you will receive multiple booking confirmations. Your date is not booked or held until I receive your retainer and signed contract. Never hesitate to ask me additional questions during this process! I will guide you along the way. 

How much is the retainer? How do I submit?

The retainer is $100. You can submit via electronic payment (venmo, zelle, cash app), or by placing a check in the mail if that is what you prefer.

Does the retainer get subtracted from my balance?

Yes. The day of the wedding on your final invoice, you will see your total balance with the $100 retainer subtracted.

If I want to make changes to the number of services, am I able to do so?

Yes. Absolutely. Your invoice is not finalized until one week before your wedding.

Do you offer traditional and airbrush options?

Yes. We offer both traditional and airbrush foundation options for every member of your bridal party.

How soon should I book?

Now! Currently, dates are filling up 18 to 12 months in advance. Whether you decide to book with us or not, top makeup (as well as hair) artist in Pittsburgh are one of the first to get book along with venues and photographers. Do not wait. And just a quick tip: makeup, hair and photographers go hand in hand. If you do not like how you look, you will not like your photos. So LOVE who you choose.  

Bridal Trials & Consultations

Can I book a trial before booking for my wedding?

No but Yes... Allow me to explain. It is fully understandable as to why a bride might want to go this route. You want to try before you commit. But Trials and consultations are reserved for book brides. During a trial and consultation we will go over the bridal contract, and the brides desired look for the wedding day. One Bridal trial and consultation is also discounted from the day of service as a complementary service to the bride.

However, with all of this being said. You CAN try before you buy by booking a regular makeup application service with me at the full service price. If after your makeup application you would like to book for your wedding, we would fill out your contract, talk about your wedding details after the application, then upon payment the discount would apply and a retainer would be due. Please advise that your date would not be held until contract and retainer is received. 

When should I book my trial?

Sooner rather than later! Trails will take place during my slow seasons. (December - March). For brides who are booked for the following year or beginning of the current year, I will send out a mass email with availability and a booking link. They are first come first serve. But don't worry! We will get you in. If one of those dates and times do not work out for you, just let me know! We will work together.

Do I need to bring anything for my trial?

Nope. Just your clean and pretty face.

Can I bring a friend?

Of course. Just let me know. Space is very limited here, so the heads up is helpful. Just be mindful though that the more opinions you have, the more difficult you will find it to figure out if the look is for YOU. It is about what you want and feel. Not your friend, mom, or future husband to be. Just you. <3

If I feel like I would like to change something with my makeup, can I book another trial?

Yes! It is ok to love my work on someone else, but not like it for you. Maybe you thought you wanted more glam, but decided throughout your day that it's not what you have envisioned. And that is OKAY! You can let me know and we can switch it up the day of your wedding. OR if it would make you feel more comfortable booking another, we can do that too. Not all artists are like this, but this is why I would rather do a trial sooner rather than later. It give us time. One thing I know when it comes to wedding planning, time goes quick. All of a sudden your wedding is approaching and it seems like there is no time left. So doing a trial sooner rather than later helps take some stress off. No need to worry if I will remember what we did. I take very detailed notes and analyze your after picture.

Please note that your first trial is discounted. Additional trials are full price of the day of service.

Would it be ok to book my trial before my special event? Engagement photos, bridal shower, etc.

Being a bridal makeup artist, my Saturdays are mainly reserved for weddings. During my off season I will hold Saturday trials. And since I work a normal 9 to 5 during the week, my Sundays are my off days to be with my family unless there is a booked wedding. If there is a special date you have mind you can check with me. In the event a trial is booked on a Saturday, there is a possibility of it being rescheduled due to a last minute wedding booking. 

Makeup Application

What is airbrush Makeup?


What is the difference between airbrush and traditional makeup?


How long will my makeup last?


Are lashes included in your packages?

Yes. All makeup products are included with services including lashes. The only item I tell bridal parties to have on hand is their lip color for the day.

Do you have any recommendations for a long lasting lip color?

Since I am not a fan of long lasting lip colors, I do not. I feel like they dry out your lips and give this crackling effect that separate throughout the day. But I do have some wonderful lip combos that look beautiful and would not be difficult to reapply. 

I have sensitive skin, can I use my own products?

A good makeup artist will always know to ask if you have any skin sensitivities or allergies before putting any products on your face. But it is also the clients due diligence to inform the artist incase this does not happen. With that being said, if this is something the client is requesting and the makeup artist is comfortable with doing, then yes. Absolutely. However, please be aware that there are no discounts that are applied due to this request.

Travel & Accommodations'

Do you Travel?

Yes. We travel for parties that meet the minimum requirements. 

How far do you travel?

As far as you want me to travel. Anything after two hours of travel time from White Oak will require hotel accommodations to avoid unexpected travel delays due to weather, road work, etc. to ensure timely start times. Travel fee does not include hotel accommodations, parking  / valet fee's, and toll fee's. Those are all separate charges you would see on your invoice.

How do you calculate the travel fee?

The travel fee is based on the state expense rate of .67 / per mile round trip. If your venue is 50 miles away from White Oak, you will be charged for 100 miles ($67).  If you are within 10 miles from White oak, travel fee's will not apply. 

Hotel Accommodations' 

If your venue or location of makeup application is more than two hours away from White Oak, hotel accommodation's will apply. Always reach out if you are unsure if that would apply to you. 

Do you service Destination Weddings?

Yes! Please inquire so we can talk more about your dream destination wedding.

Additional Questions

Thank you for your questions. We will be in touch shortlyl.
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